Nutrition, Homeopathy and Allergy Therapy

Nutrition and the detection and treatment of immune and allergy disorders are obviously important to help regain and maintain good health and physiological function.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that attempts to stimulate the body to heal itself by the use of energetic natural medicines.

Modern complex homeopathy is based upon matching the vibrational patterns of the specific medicine with that of the conditions that the patient has.

Our approach is to use the kinesiological testing to find the most effective nutrition, allergy and homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy, nutrition and allergy therapy can work as both a therapeutic and preventative medical approach.

Understanding Advanced Natural Health Care

Our office procedures include a case history followed by a natural health examination. A natural health examination looks for interrelationships between structure, nerve function, acupuncture meridians, nutritional, physiological, and emotional stressors.

Problems in these interrelationships can cause disturbances and symptoms anywhere in the body. For example, the nerves and meridians of the neck go to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands and can affect the eyes, ears, thyroid, parathyroid, nose and hands. The nerves and meridians of the mid-back go to the chest and posterior back. These nerves and meridians can affect the heart, lungs and stomach, the nerves and meridians of the low back, glutial region, legs, feet and toes; may affect the kidneys, bowel, bladder, intestines and sex organs. 

Because of these interrelationships our methods of care not only affect pain and musculoskeletal function but overall health and physiological function. This is the underlying principal behind the effectiveness of natural holistic health care.

This is the area of health care that I, as Barbados’ only certified chiropractic kinesiologist, homeopath, accident evaluator and acupuncturist specialize in.

Your examination may include computerized acupuncture, postural stress, functional orthopedic, neurological, nutritional, homeopathic and kinesiological analysis.

Many of our analytic and treatment methods are based upon protocols unique only to those who are trained in and specialize in the most advanced approaches to modern natural health care. 

These are not the areas your medical doctor works with or is trained in. By adding our methods to those of your family doctor, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist and others, your family will have a true health care team.